Brilliance v5 запчасти аналоги

Brilliance v5 запчасти аналоги

У вас китайский автомобиль Brilliance-v5? Наш магазин предлагает вам все необходимые детали для него! В «ЧинаМобил.РФ» вы найдете самые качественные запчасти Brilliance-v5, которые сертифицированы производителем этой модели, и любой ваш заказ будет подобран и укомплектован в кратчайший срок!

Запчаcти Brilliance-v5 oт «ЧинaМoбил.рф»

У нас вы найдете все официальные онлайн-каталоги с полным перечнем деталей, которые могут понадобиться вашему Брилианс В 5: запчасти будут всегда в наличии! При этом «ЧинаМобил.РФ»:

• предложит вам самые удобные и простые способы поиска необходимых деталей,

• поможет выбрать как важнейшие запчасти для ремонта авто, так и аксессуары,

• предоставит свежие новинки запчастей.

Мы регулярно отслеживаем обновления всех каталогов, поэтому даже самая редкая деталь никогда от вас не ускользнет: все, что нужно, вы будете находить сразу же!

Брилиaнc B 5: найдутcя вcе запчаcти!

Эта модель авто нуждается в лучших комплектующих, и мы с удовольствием подберем то, что вам требуется. У нас есть:

• все необходимые фильтры и другие расходные материалы для топливной системы,

• компоненты для системы двигателя авто,

• детали для охлаждающей и выхлопной систем,

• детали для ходовой части,

Все, что вам требуется, будет доставлено в кратчайшие сроки, а вы сможете с легкостью рассчитать стоимость доставки и убедиться: в «ЧинаМобил.РФ» предлагаются только лучшие цены!

адрес в г. Казань
Восстания д.20
тел 8(843)239-20-13


В Вашей корзине находится товар со сроком поставки в рабочих днях до г. Казань ул. Восстания д. 20

Good day. Actually, on the tachometer 30 thousand and it’s time to do the next maintenance. But for myself, I decided that I will not go to the officers and I will do everything quietly myself or friends in the garages.
The very first thing I decided to start with is the stabilizer legs and steering tips. These comrades began to tap out in the spring, but not critical. As soon as I heard the first knock, I went to the knowledgeable comrades, who said that it’s not critical to drive for now. Luft was, but not critical. I will not say that the details of Mr. or Tipo are all Chinese (about this further) just my opinion that because of the washed-away roads in the spring everything is falling apart. Many people can say that 30 thousand is not a run for racks and tips, but in our city everything was very bad, even terrible, no you can even say that there was no road at all. Therefore, the car or anything bad I will not say.

Well, now about the visit itself.
For a start, I started looking for details, originals or analogs and actually found out that the tips we have from the school octave, and the stabilizer stands from the Mercedes veto past generation. this fact pleased me that many details from different manufacturers and you can choose your liking. Below in the photo I will give the names of the parts in order to be able to introduce analogues into the Exist
After selecting specific details, I threw it into the cart. Exista paid for it and waited. A day later my details arrived. Taking the details, I rolled to the handy uncles who all pereeknuli for 40 minutes and ascertained the death of all four parts. Immediately after the replacement, I went to the descent of the collapse to an old master.
Upon arrival to that master, he asked what kind of car, how much mileage and the reason for visiting his service. When I told him that the car was a Chinese, he asked me: "Do you have original Chinese parts or analogues European?". He uttered this with such intonation that it was not a European type. I asked him again and then told him that the tips from the school and the Mercedes post. Master displeased said that it would be better Chinese. Then he said that the first emgrades were from original Chinese spare parts and very reliable, and when they started to replace them with new ones for European cars, the quality became limp. Master said that I did not worry about the fact that the tips went away only 30 thousand, said that I had survived a long spring, in the spring he had a record for 3 days (even as the roads melted).
Well, actually everything was done quickly and well. for only 800 rubles. Zapchattsy managed in 2428 and a replacement in 1000. Total 4228 rubles all the fun. Next in line is oil and a filter. If anyone changed the code with Exista. attaching photo

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